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Hit the road with us as we meet workers throughout the U.S. and around the world. Get a behind- the-scenes look at what people really do all day and what it’s like to build a book.  Sign up for our updates.

Immigrant Stories of Work And Labor

Our intention was to center around the experience of immigrants as contributors to the cultural, social, and economic fabric of the United States.

I invite you all to watch and witness their bravery and beauty of our eloquent speakers in the video.

MY JOB: What’s the Good Word?

The reviews are in and the good news is piling up fast!

It’s always a pleasure hearing real, honest feedback from those who have read My Job. Listening to stories of readers who have experienced new perspectives, gained new appreciations and rejoiced in “aha!” moments after reading My Job is truly a great joy. It reminds me of the primary reason I wrote the book in the first place; to bring people together from all over the world, share experiences and learn from one another.

Two Gifts in One

Every December I have three big goals: 1) finish up work commitments 2) scramble to buy the perfect Christmas gifts and 3) make my year-end donations. This year I’ve made my life easier by combining two goals – everyone in my family will receive MY JOB. Every book purchased funds job creation programs worldwide…

MY JOB, Delivered

Pictures from around the country have been streaming in, and each one fills me with joy because it means not only do you care that all people have access to dignified jobs, but it also means we are connecting you with Wantay, Kevin, Robin and 12 other narrators who will inspire you.

Workers of the World Unite in Hope

NOTE: Many of our dedicated readers continue to experience delays in book deliveries from Amazon. We hope this is due to high customer-demand rather than delivery-system failure! The MY JOB book, however, is currently available through Barnes and Noble and Books a...

Hey, Where’s My Book?

1) Write your holiday gift list and make sure MY JOB is on it. Everybody works, will work, or has worked. Help them gain perspectives about themselves while giving back to create jobs.
2) Check out the amazing organizations doing job-creation work that will benefit from book…

The MY JOB Book Ships Now!

My Job hits bookshelves on October 17! We've been waiting for this day since the afternoon Suzanne first sat down with a bowl of Thai noodles and came up with the concept for the book. Finally, the MY JOB release is imminent! What this means for you. If you: A....

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